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    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Serenity Stalked – Craig A. Hart

    When a couple are brutally murdered, crooked sheriff Wilkes is only too keen to point the accusing finger towards Shelby Alexander, ex-boxer and retired fixer.. Introduction  Shelby Alexander Thriller #2 Remember Shelby Alexander? He came to Serenity in rural Michigan to live in peace and quiet. Well, if you have read Serenity #1, you know how that ended! With Shelby hated by each and every member of the criminal Ellis family and with him antagonising the new sheriff, Wilkes. Now we are back in Serenity and it would seem everything is quiet.. but knowing Shelby, that will not last. His younger girlfriend Carly also has a few issues he needs to…

  • Serenity - Craig A. Hart - Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Serenity – Craig A. Hart

    Shelby Alexander has moved to Serenity to get away from his life as a fixer. But then a murder brings him in direct contact with the feared Ellis family! Introduction Shelby Alexander Thriller #1 Meet ex-professional boxer and fixer Shelby Alexander. Divorced many years ago, recently he is back in contact with his now 30-year-old daughter Leslie. He loves reconnecting, at the same time is happy she’s not living close by. She is making him feel his almost sixty years but despite his age, he reckons he’s still in good shape. At least his much younger girlfriend thinks so. Shelby is once again living in his hometown Serenity in the Michigan countryside, where…