• Behind the Scenes - Sharmishtha Shenoy - 3D book cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Behind the Scenes – Sharmishtha Shenoy

    A film set becomes the scene of a murder when filmstar Ryan is killed. The accusing finger points at his lover Sheila, as the two of them had a huge row. Time for detective Vikram Rana to step in and conduct an investigation… Introduction  The Vikram Rana Series #3 Vikram Rana knows he is lucky to have narrowly escaped the scorn of his wife, Veena: he forgot all about her birthday but found a brilliant solution: a holiday for two! Veena most certainly never may find out that the vacation was booked by Vikram’s secretary on the very day of Veena’s birthday… Now, all is forgiven and the couple look…

  • A Hundred Hands - Dianne Noble - Book Cover

    A Hundred Hands – Dianne Noble

    A paedophilic husband induces Polly to escape to the town of Kolkata in India. The harsh reality of the children living on the streets changes Polly’s life.   Introduction Polly’s life takes a devastating turn with pounding on the door: the police have come to arrest her husband for paedophilia. The Welsh village she grew up in turns into a hostile environment and Polly’s only way out is getting away. When Polly arrives in India little does she know her destiny lies in the mucky town of Kolkata, helping young children to survive the harsh reality. Opening her heart to the children enables Polly to follow her own path in life.  Storyline The words…