• In Harm's Way - Owen Mullen - 3D Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    In Harm’s Way – Owen Mullen

    ‘In Harm’s Way’ is an expertly crafted and captivating psychological thriller! Fascinating characters, a viciousness that gives you goosebumps and makes you anxious to read on… Shocking, brutal, gripping.  Storyline A man wants a tour of an abandoned house. But he has no intention of buying it… We are privy to a few of his vicious thoughts and shiver. “The decision was already made. It was perfect.” Meet the siblings of the Darroch family: Adele, Gavin and Mackenzie. All three are married, to say ‘happily’ would be an overstatement. Adele and Blair don’t see eye to eye anymore and the tension rises, the birth of their daughter Alice has a…