• The Shadow Wife - Gayle Ridinger - 3D book cover

    The Shadow Wife – Gayle Ridinger

    ‘The Shadow Wife’ is a thought-provoking novel of life and fate – of belonging and discovering your own individuality – of finding your place in this world regardless of age. Introduction Twin sisters at the hairdresser. It could not get more innocent than that, right? But the blonde and brunette insist upon becoming identical again. Like when they were young and even their parents had difficulty keeping them apart. One is eager, the other is anxious. Both are determined. As to the why we have no clue – there’s more than meets the eye… My Thoughts What a thought-provoking tale of fate and life itself. Sometimes instant decisions and chance…

  • Nobody Heard Me Cry - P.A. Davies - 3D book cover

    Nobody Heard Me Cry – P.A. Davies

    An impressive, touching and heartbreaking story, based on true events and characters. Set in Manchester, this is Beth’s life story, a young woman who, despite seeing the dark side of life, manages to keep an undaunted spirit whilst staying true to herself.  Introduction  Beth remembers her ninth birthday most clearly, not because it was the best birthday she had but, we soon realise, because she does not need to cry at the end of it – that is heartbreaking.  A little girl happy with the party her mother arranged for her, who has a special friend, Niall. Beth’s mother laughs at Niall’s mother (behind her back!) for being a drunk. If…