• The Third Breath - Malcolm Hollingdrake - 3D Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    The Third Breath – Malcolm Hollingdrake

    What an absolute delight it is to once again be reconnected to my ‘old’ friends, DCI Cyril Bennett, DS David Owen, pathologist, Dr Julie Pritchett, and many more. I LOVE The Third Breath, the writing style, the excellently described and deviously twisted… yes, wouldn’t you like to know?! This seventh book in The Harrogate Crime Series feels special as it not only has a thrilling new case and a cold-blooded murderer but also reflects on previous investigations and colleagues no longer there, haunting memories of the past, combined with a perfect mixture of personal life and police investigation. Harrogate, once again, is the centre of attention… Highly recommended! The Harrogate…

  • Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Death on the Coast – Bernie Steadman

    Gripping and heart-wrenching. Intriguing and captivating. Bernie Steadman’s third book in the ‘West Country Crime Mystery ‘ series is all that and more… DI, now DCI Dan Hellier and his team are horrified when a bonfire on the beach leaves… bones. Human bones. Someone has been gruesomely murdered.   Introduction A West County Crime Mystery #3 What can be more enjoyable than a bonfire on the beach? A few friends with you, watching the flames get higher and feeling the heat closeby… but sadly, instead of a pleasant event, it will become a crime scene when the murdered remains of a body are found, left in the ashes… Murder most foul!…

  • Faceless - Rob Ashman - Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Faceless – Rob Ashman

    Faceless is a brilliant start of a new detective series with a damaged, sometimes discordant and brutally honest but always straightforward and sympathetic DI Rosalind aka Roz Kray! I LOVE Faceless and Roz Kray, everything about it! Again, Rob Ashman captures the darkest of hearts in both his vicious criminal as his protagonist – Faceless is a rollercoaster of emotions and events and twists around the corner… Read it! Now! Introduction DI Rosalind Kray Series #1 After a devastating trauma, DI Roz Kray now slowly finds her way back into work. She is ready to tackle criminals again but alas, her boss is not that keen… He sends her to…