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    Once in a Lifetime presenting ‘The Penultimate Man’ – Malcolm Hollingdrake

    Once in a Lifetime presenting ‘The Penultimate Man’ Malcolm Hollingdrake @MHollingdrake @northyorkscc Harrogate Library by Malcolm Hollingdrake Once in a Lifetime It will happen once in a lifetime… a lifetime… what is that? For John, Condon it was the blink of an eye. You will not know the name, why should you? Let me help you. If you were to walk through Poelcapelle cemetery situated 10km north east of Ypres and look at the names on the white Portland headstones, you would be staggered by the ages of those British soldiers who died fighting near there in the First World War. There is more. As you approach a shady corner…

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    EU Copyright Directive

    #PublishingNews #EU #CopyrightDirective Author Update With the passing of the draft law on Copyright Directive, the EU Parliament have taken a step in the right direction even if there is still room for improvement. When this directive becomes law, it will provide authors with more transparency and better insight into their books’ profits and sales. At the same time, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are obliged to take responsibility for what is shared on and through their channels. Intellectual copyright 2.0 – a step in the right direction! “The draft law, which was put together to modernise copyright for the digital age and will force platforms such as…

  • World Book Day 2016

    *World Book Day 2016*

      World Book Day is a special occasion to celebrate the authors whose books have become our lifetime companions and whose books were unputdownable Honouring World Book Day 2016 For me on top of the list is Dame Agatha Christie, the British crime writer and playwright. She is the author of many, many books featuring famous sleuths like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Hercule Poirot is the Belgian detective, loved by numerous fans all over the world and Miss Marple is the grey haired but very shrewd old lady, living in a British village, that has excellent insights into the human mind. Agatha Christie’s books are translated into 103 languages,…