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 * Sorry, not open to review requests *

Since becoming a book blogger, I have made amazing connections in the bookish world – and I love that! However, it also means that I am never short of books to read and review – and, because I also organise blog tours and help authors find their way on social media, there are simply not enough hours in a day!

I fully realise having a NOT OPEN TO NEW REVIEW REQUESTS‘ sign is frustrating but I feel there is no other option. I do accept the occasional request and sometimes, books and/or authors find their way to my ‘door’ which I NEED to read and review but my TBR pile is still high. Therefore, I cannot mention any timeframe for a review.


Please read my Review Policy

Thank you very much for your interest in my website Bits about Books.

I am open to reviewing books in most genres for authors and publishers, however, I am not comfortable with the horror and paranormal genre nor am I a big fan of self-help books.

When reviewing audiobooks – in the same categories as (e)books – I ask you to also provide me with a copy of your book, as I’d like to be accurate in my reviews (think about names, places and other important information).

Feel free to contact me on or via the contact form below.

I am happy to accept:

  • Ebooks: MOBI (preferable);
  • Hardback or paperback;
  • Audiobooks: f.i. through Audible/Amazon plus a
    copy of the (e)book (this will also be reviewed)

Furthermore, I would like to have:

  • Jpg, jpeg or png image of the book cover
  • Jpg, jpeg or png image of the author of the book
  • Basic information on the author

I will read your book and post a well-considered review on my website Bits about Books, on Amazon and on GoodReads;

A review is automatically placed and published on the aforementioned platforms. As soon as the review is posted, I will let you know. In exceptional circumstances only will I refrain from posting a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads;

I strive to show my love for reading and my respect for the authors in the reviews I write. That implicates that I appreciate an author’s efforts and will always state the reasons why I thought something interesting, thrilling, fascinating – or not;

Authors and publishers are welcome to use quotes from my review of their book, I would appreciate it if my name ‘Bits about Books will appear alongside.

Love, Caroline

Do you have any more or specific questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me and I will answer as soon as possible. Your email address will only be used to answer your question and will not be made public.

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