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Time’s Tide – Adrian Harvey

‘On a morning like this, it was hard to recall the dark, deep days of winter, the ice and wind and hunger; the months when inaction and confinement, the empty waiting between scant meals, had gnawed through the soul as much as the stomach.’

A father and son struggle to overcome the distance between them. Each is drawn irresistibly to an unforgiving landscape, one that has been the scene of tragedy and loss.

The son’s return to the northern shore he abandoned as a young man promises the chance to heal the rift. But is it too late?

Arni left his remote corner of Iceland as soon as he could, seeking opportunities beyond winter and fishing. Married to an English woman, he builds a life as a successful scientist but can never quite escape the pull of the West Fjords and bleak landscape of his birth, nor shake the guilt he feels towards his distant father.

When Eirikur goes missing, he sets off to find him on a windswept spit of land lost in an angry ocean.

Time’s Tide is a compelling and beautifully written story of loss, belonging and the silence between fathers and sons.

What Readers Say

An evocative, winding saga
“A beautifully told tale of three generations of men in Iceland and beyond. Simmering beneath the surface throughout was so much restrained emotion that you yearned to be released. Well-written, characterised and paced, I much enjoyed it.” – Avid Eva, Amazon customer

“The author manages to transport you into the story as a silent observer who hears, smells and experiences the emotions of the characters in unfamiliar and familiar surroundings with his clever descriptive style. I enjoyed the book immensely and didn’t see the end coming. Thoroughly recommend it. Another triumph. Adrian Harvey is fast becoming one of my favourite authors – when is the next book out?” – Amazon reviewer

“An interesting and extremely well-written book. You are immersed in the uncompromising and dangerous life of the West Fjords of Iceland, and must contrast this with the somewhat more comfortable life of a Cambridge academic.

Time’s Tide is an excellent book. The harsh environment of the West Fjords of Iceland comes through loud and clear – and contrasts beautifully with the somewhat more genteel surroundings of Cambridge. ” – TripFiction

About Adrian Harvey

Since escaping the East Midlands to find his fortune in the big city, Adrian Harvey has combined a career in and around government with trying to see as much of the world as he can. He lives in North London, which he believes to be the finest corner of the world’s greatest city. Time’s Tide is his third novel, following the successful Being Someone and The Cursing Stone.

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PublisherUrbane Publications (14 Mar. 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781912666232
ASIN (ebook)B07M7154K1