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Never To Be Ignored – H.A. Dawson

Circles of Subterfuge Book 1

A dying woman. A pernicious objective. A warped sense of justice. A nurse deceived and betrayed. Is revenge ever fair?

A terminal patient has personal reasons for befriending a nurse. She has an ulterior motive, one to control and manipulate circumstances ignoring any victims. She’s a mother blinded by a rage that’s festered for too long.

Shona wishes the best for this terminal cancer patient. She’s pushed into a distressing situation by her charge. Nurses are rarely prone to brash actions, but Shona’s bound by emotional chains. Her charge is obsessed with revenge and this leads onto a trail of destruction. In wars, there are no winners and there’s no escaping the unfortunate consequences.

Will Shona want to survive?

H.A Dawson writes engaging thrillers triggered by tantalising mysteries wrapped in dramatic suspense. There is a blitz of material coming so be prepared you’ll be enthralled, especially if you follow authors such as Robert Galbraith, Ian Rankin, A J Waines, Val McDermid, Diane Chamberlain, Dean Koontz and Jodi Picoult.

This is one book from H.A Dawson’s catalogue of gripping stories based around determined women, embracing gritty themes with the strength of drama you would expect from the BBC.

What Readers Say

The psychological tension drips from the page from the word go, long before we really understand what the plot is going to be like. I was swept away by this breath-taking and truly addictive thriller. Intelligent, well written and with a fair share of surprises this is excellent and highly recommended. One of the best books I’ve read in a while. -Wilma Lettings

About H.A. Dawson

Honor is a British writer living in the Fenlands of Eastern England, she spent 20 years in IT as a software developer and systems analyst for one of the U.K’s largest banking groups. This professional background has provided the understanding, patience and diligence to write full-length novels.

Her imagination is spurred by global travel, experiencing/enduring adventures in the “Big Outdoors.” Characters in her books are formulated from the places, people and situations she encountered while trekking into the unknown. Honor’s writing style will entice many of you to investigate her current books.

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Publisher CreateSpace Ind Publishing Platform (2 May 2017)
ISBN (paperback) 9781546414728
ASIN (ebook) B071H9ZH9M