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The Little #MeToo Book for Men – Mark Greene

In just seventy-five brief pages, Good Men Project Senior Editor Mark Greene exposes the brutal price that man box culture extracts from men and women world wide. The Little #MeToo Book for Men is a concise, no holds barred call to action, inviting men to step out of silence and isolation and into the battle for a better future.

From the introduction:
For millions of men, manhood can seem like a foregone conclusion, mapped out for us by universally understood rules for being a ‘real man.’ These rules determine how we walk, how we talk, what we think and do, what we view as our responsibilities and most importantly, how we pursue or fail to pursue our deepest needs, wants and desires. 

These rules of manhood become so central to what we believe as to render the distinction between ourselves and our culture of manhood invisible to us. 

When millions of men live our lives subject to the rules of a culture we are not fully conscious of, it can be damaging for our families, our communities, our collective quality of life, and even our longevity. The Little #MeToo Book for Men seeks to encourage a conversation about how boys and men arrive at what we believe.”

If this conversation can reveal even the slightest glimmer of daylight between our dominant culture of masculinity and our own daily choices as men, my hope is we will find, in that space, a more vibrant and authentic connection to our agency, our power and our humanity.

Mark Greene’s articles on fatherhood, men and emotional expression have received over half a million social media shares and twenty million page views. Greene writes and speaks on men’s issues for the Good Men Project, the Shriver Report, the New York Times, Salon, the BBC and the Huffington Post.

What Readers Say

“This isn’t just a book, it’s a thunderbolt! A powerful call to end men’s silence on sexual assault.”- Lisa Hickey, CEO, The Good Men Project 

“With deep compassion for men, Greene calls out to our better selves.”-Michael Kasdan

“Mark Greene has written a timely, compelling book that connects two seemingly disparate issues, the widespread silence about & cultural acceptance of sexual assault against women, and the emotional assault against men that begins when they are boys. We cannot cure one without treating the other.” – Lisa Duggan

About Mark Greene

Mark Greene, a senior editor for the Good Men Project, writes on culture, society, family and fatherhood. His articles have received more than 250,000 social media shares and twenty million page views. He is the founder of, a web site that advocates for teaching and growing relational intelligence and emotional expression in our children.

Mark Greene and Saliha Bava are the co-authors of The Relational Book for Parenting. The Relational Book for Parenting uses comics, fables, articles, and games to help families grow their relationship superpowers in the daily back and forth of parenting. This joyful, accessible, parent-friendly book is designed to help raise a generation of young people who are better able to connect, collaborate, and innovate across differences.

Mark is the author of Remaking Manhood. Remaking Manhood collects Mark’s most popular articles on manhood, fatherhood and culture. 

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Publisher Independently published (November 8, 2018)
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