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The Killing of Emily Chandler – Nigel Cooper


Adam Chandler considers himself to be the luckiest guy alive. He’s just married the smart and beautiful Emily.

But, since he met her online and married her, she has never left his house and Adam’s friends have yet to meet her in person. They are getting suspicious, especially as Emily flew over from America to marry Adam after just one week.

They are starting to question Adam’s secret relationship with his mysterious new American wife, whose existence is only demonstrated via pictures on social media. Contact with Emily is limited to text messages or the odd reluctant phone call, which are always kept brief as she always has something more pressing to be doing.

Why did Adam elope to marry her and not invite his family or friends? Why won’t he let anybody meet her in person? Why does Emily appear happy to be imprisoned in the house 24/7?

Something isn’t right in the Chandler household and Adam’s ex, Phoebe – the girl Adam abruptly dumped in favour of Emily – is determined to meet this mysterious and elusive woman in person, and get her Adam back. But when she does eventually come face to face with Emily, she’s going to wish she hadn’t.

The mysterious, and elusive, Emily has appeared in Adam’s life. None of his family or friends has ever met her in person and Adam is determined to keep it that way – but why?

Something’s not right in the Chandler household.

What Readers Say

“A powerful, affecting, well written story about love, lost, modern society and the frailties of one’s mind! An original and compelling read.” – Carmen

“From its smart and edgy opening to the continual development of characters, every chapter leaves us wanting to unravel more. Another great piece from a relatively new author who is definitely worth keeping an eye on. ” – Charlene

“Definitely not what I expected. About half way through the story something quite odd comes about in a dramatic ‘hook’ that veers the story into another direction. Fascinating stuff and the kick near the end was superb.” – Amazon reviewer

About Nigel Cooper

Nigel Cooper is a British author of fiction, living in Cambridgeshire. He writes across a diverse range of genres including: contemporary, psychological thrillers, suspense, crime and supernatural. He found his ‘voice’ as the editor of his own magazine, which he ran for eight years before becoming a full-time author of fiction in 2011.

He studied screenwriting in London and ran a video production company before becoming a freelance journalist writing articles, reviews and stories for various newspapers and magazines. Nigel also studied to be a private investigator and spent a year working as a PI, the knowledge of which comes in handy with his crime writing today.

Having attained a degree in classical piano performance Nigel loves nothing more than to sit and play Beethoven when he isn’t writing. Also, being a Hi-Fi nut and a vinyl connoisseur he can often be found in Market Hill in Cambridge browsing through the used vinyl stalls in the hope of picking up a mint condition first pressing of ‘Selling England by the Pound’. Nigel also loves a good game of badminton.

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PublisherGeneric Pool Publishing (23 Jan. 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9780957330795
ASIN (ebook) B07MW8BX99