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The Bookie’s Runner – Brendan Gisby

Bob Dylan wrote the classic song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and thereby unforgettably marked the passing of an otherwise insignificant character in the movie “Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid”.

Brendan Gisby has written this utterly beautiful novella to honour the short life of his father, a man of seemingly as little significance.

The story is narrated with haunting subtlety, rhythm and depth of feeling by his teenage son as he takes a bus ride back to school for the first day of a new term, where he will have to announce his father’s sudden death and deal with the resultant reactions without bursting into tears.

He also has to come to terms with the fact that, on reflection, there is a huge amount he doesn’t know about his father and that all he is really left with are snippets of personal memories.

Make no mistake, THE BOOKIE’S RUNNER is a modern masterpiece. In writing it, Brendan Gisby has not only honoured his father, he has ennobled him.

What Readers Say

Couldn’t easily lay this one aside. So honest. So sympathetic and so touching. Brendan writes very naturally and unconstrained, just a joy to read. The format of The Bookie’s Runner is comfortable and it runs on at just the right pace, covering a lot of ground over a bus journey’s length to a sensible conclusion. Full of love without being mushy. I envy the ability and would recommend this to anyone. – Caroline Mackie

Gisby never disappoints; that should be the title of his autobiography. What a perfect homage to his father. The prose, as always, is rich and dripping with delicious melancholy. If the author was present at the completion of this read, I would have given him a hug. Were I to compile a bucket list, one of the items would be to read everything Gisby has ever put out. Scratch that, I will read all of it and more. It would be to become as gifted an author as he is. – Shervin Jamali, author

About Brendan Gisby

Brendan Gisby was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, halfway through the 20th century, and was brought up just along the road in South Queensferry (the Ferry) in the shadow of the world-famous Forth Bridge. He presently lives in splendid isolation in the wilds of Strathearn in Scotland.

Retiring from a business career in 2007, Brendan has devoted himself to writing. To date, he has published four novels, four biographies and several short story collections, details of all of which can be viewed on this site.

Brendan is also the founder of McStorytellers (, a website which showcases the work of Scottish-connected short story writers.

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