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About the Library

Read, Review, & Recommend

Readers, do you like helping authors?

By reviewing their books and sharing your reviews & recommendations on social media, you can help authors gain more impact for their books. 

Request any book from Bits about Books’ LIBRARY, we’ll send it to your Kindle for free, for you to read it and spread the word. 

How it works: Browse our LIBRARY – find a book you’re interested in? Just click on the cover and you’ll read more about it. At the bottom of the book page, you can easily enter your details onto the Request to Review form and that’s it! 

Once your request is approved, the book will automatically be sent to your Kindle address.

*Reviews for books preferably within 3 months after requesting*

*Shares on Social Media are hugely appreciated*

*Any questions, problems, anything else? Just email us.*

Thank you! 

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