“Caroline Vincent makes everything she touches better. Fortunately for me, that applied to my books. Each one is so much more tighter for it. I hand her a really good story and she makes it a great one.”

Shervin Jamali
Author of ‘Remember’ and ‘The Michael Saga’:’The Devil’s Lieutenant’, ‘Escape from Hell’

“I have been lucky to work with Caroline Vincent from the publication of my first DCI Cyril Bennett novel and now we have been working together on the seventh book. Thanks to her professional guidance, social media support, cover reveal, manuscript advice, proofreading, and pure enthusiasm the books have gone from strength to strength. Caroline work so hard for me ensuring the book reaches a maximum audience.”

 “Honest, dedicated, passionate, professional, committed and approachable sum up Caroline Vincent’s work ethic. You will soon appreciate that she holds a true love of the written word, of books in all their forms and this clearly shines through with every book she works with, every manuscript she proofreads.

I shall never be able to repay Caroline for the support I have received this year as I have been guided successfully through the publication of all seven DCI Bennett books. From proofreading, (manuscript) advice, reviews, blogs, book cover reveals, video releases and social media support my books and my standing as an author have benefitted greatly from Caroline’s professional involvement.
I cannot recommend Caroline Vincent enough.”

Malcolm Hollingdrake
Author of ‘Engulfed’ – the ‘DCI Bennett’ crime series (seven instalments)

“Caroline is a literary critic and publicist whose passion for powerful storytelling, beautiful writing and all things books shines through her work. When supporting publishers and authors, she takes care to understand the brief and deliver a bespoke service drawing on her extraordinary range of contacts and vast back catalogue of reading. Reviewing books is an art more than a science – Caroline nevertheless finds innovative ways of teasing readers into trying new books that puts her a cut above many other reviewers and bloggers.

Her attention to detail and dedication to enticing new readers in is exemplified by her creative production values. Her vibrant presence across social media, supporting authors and publishers, allows her to share her delight in the written word and engage a broad spectrum of readers. It was a personal pleasure for me when Caroline agreed to read my book, Seas Of Snow. Her review illuminated insights about the book that encouraged a new wave of readers to discover my writing. I loved the little nooks and crannies she discovered in the novel and delighted in her appreciation of what I had set out to do. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to other authors and publishers.”

Professor Kerensa Jennings
Author of ‘Seas of Snow’

“I have worked with Caroline on numerous occasions and find her professional at all times. Her attention to detail is impressive as is her knowledge of the market. Caroline’s graphics and promotions are, in my opinion, without equal. She has experience in proofreading, marketing, and book promotion. Her services are invaluable in producing the best books I can.”

Ross Greenwood
Author of ‘Lazy Blood’ – ‘The Boy Inside’ – ‘Fifty Years of Fear’ – ‘Abel’s Revenge’

“I have worked with Caroline on the publication of my own books and seen her as a visible presence on the web when she works with others. I have always found her to be friendly, professional, spot on with her proofreading, manuscript, and other advice, very helpful and prompt with her communications. Caroline will go that extra distance to help even when there appears to be nothing in it for her other than the satisfaction and pleasure she derives from helping books come into the world. I suppose you could see her as a literary midwife.”

Oliver Tidy
Author of ‘The Romney and Marsh Files’ – the ‘Booker & Cash’ series – ‘The Fallen Agent’

“I have found Caroline to be nothing less than professional and fastidious in her work. She has tact and diplomacy, the ability to come up with fresh ideas, and she has a knack of being able to work around problems, smoothly and effortlessly.”

Nigel Cooper
Author of Contemporary Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Crime – Supernatural


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