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On this page, you’ll find gifts, ideas, and all bookish products we book lovers just LOVE to have! From cases to bags, from mugs to stationery – if there’s anything missing, just let us know and we’ll add it!

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#BookLoversGifts KleverCase

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#BookLoversArt The Art of Sherlock Holmes

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Banner BaB

From left to right:
‘Two Plus Two’ – Artist Vicki Siegel
‘The Tale Of The First Adventure’ – Artist Anthony Hernandez.
‘The Tranquility Of The Morning’ – Artist Tracy Guiteau.

Fifteen works of art have been created by fifteen different artists – each based on a story in The Art of Sherlock Holmes, published by MX Publishing.

This is your chance to buy the artwork – high-quality magnet-mounted art prints on metal – durable, steel, no need for any power tools to hang it. In May, more works of art will be up for sale, for now, there are three gorgeous art prints for you to purchase in your preferred format, with your preferred frame.

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