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Ever since I can remember I love reading, from children’s books to adult’s and everything in between. Libraries never fail to impress me, those big shelves, overloaded with so many books in all those colours. They looked like magic to me, captivating and extremely interesting.

I remember going to the library and feeling like a child in magic wonderland. So many books, so much to choose from, the atmosphere, I loved it. At the age of 12, I discovered English books (native Dutch speaker/writer), the first were Agatha Christie’s mysteries.

Dame Agatha Christie has been my life companion ever since, she offers entertainment, brain exercise, insight into the hidden depths of mankind’s psychology and motives as well as adventurous surroundings. I love her characters and insights into human nature.

Reading is my passion and therefore I started this blog, after years of plunging into all sorts of books, from romantic to fiction, classics and literature, with detectives and mystery as my favourites. Must be the influence of Agatha Christie! My interests are widespread: from Agatha Christie to John Irving and the historic literature of Leo Tolstoy. There are many writers I love, like Thomas Hardy and Harry Mulish’s ‘Discovery of Heaven’: a favourite.

Reading feels like discovering new worlds, broadening my horizon and connecting to new characters and writers to love. I am happy to write about the books I have read, the thoughts and intentions of their authors. But I also want to explore books of authors yet unknown to me. As an ardent reader and enthusiastic book blogger, I strive to show my love for reading and my respect for the authors in the reviews I write. I simply love writing about books.

Let’s stay in touch! Love, Caroline x

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