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Do you find social media difficult, time-consuming, or perhaps even frightening?
I can take over all those tedious tasks so you can focus on your writing!

Caroline’s aim is to ensure authors attain excellent publicity by providing services, to offer guidance, consulting, and social media support.

To this end, Caroline and her team of professionals provide services in the field of author assistance (personal/virtual), social media & book publicity, publishing, as well as editing, typesetting, and formatting

Her goals are to:

  1. Help authors gain publicity by providing 
    * a platform to showcase their books
    * guidance, consulting and support with marketing
  2. Assist authors to find and create their own unique brand
  3. Enhance authors’ online visibility
  4. Design launch strategies for new publications to reach a high level of exposure
  5. Edit your book to professional standards
  6. Provide a complete – stress-free – process of independent publishing. 

To achieve these goals, Caroline & her team offer: 

  • A complete package – including book covers – for your road to publishing. You write the book – we do the rest.
  • Assistance in creating and maintaining high Social Media visibility
  • Creation and improvement of author brands which include
     a bespoke social media style guide
     support and advice on authors’ profiles on various platforms
  • Book blog tours and help to identify bloggers/reviewers
  • Advice on other miscellaneous issues, from blurbs to author biographies, and interaction with their readership & the online book community.

What are your barriers to success? Which service do you need?
Contact us at bitsaboutbooks@gmail.com and find out how we can work together!

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The Art of Sherlock Holmes

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Banner BaB

Fifteen works of art have been created by fifteen different artists – each based on a story in The Art of Sherlock Holmes, published by MX Publishing.

This is your chance to buy the artwork – high-quality magnet-mounted art prints on metal – durable, steel, no need for any power tools to hang it. In May, more works of art will be up for sale, for now, there are three gorgeous art prints for you to purchase in your preferred format, with your preferred frame.

For more info, check out my post here

From left to right:
‘Two Plus Two’ – Artist Vicki Siegel
‘The Tale Of The First Adventure’ – Artist Anthony Hernandez.
‘The Tranquility Of The Morning’ – Artist Tracy Guiteau.